DIY Fancy gauged ear plugs

August 15, 2015 at 1:56 pm

I can’t believe I’ve never actually posted my own DIY tutorial.  But these have turned out rather well.  I can’t remember seeing this anywhere else, so I’ll stake my claim on it being original.  Easy, cheap, and awesome.

DIY Fancy gauged button ear plugs 


  • 1 pair coconut wood plugs in your gauge (I got these at Painful Pleasures)
  • 1 pair of buttons/medallions/beads
  • Sandpaper (medium grit)
  • E6000 glue


Notice that the iridescent buttons have a protruding eyelet.


The leopard patterned ones are actually beads with a convex curve on both sides.


  1. Sand down one side of the coconut plug to remove the flare.  I opted to do this because the first ones I made ended up drooping forward while in my ear.  With the button on the face the plug was too long and top heavy.  Sanding the plugs down helped them sit better in the ear lobe.  Don’t bother trying to saw them off.  I tried and failed (you can see a little rut in the plug below, I did not get far).


Almost there!




2. Now we need to get the beads/buttons to fit snuggly.  I used two different drill bits, a smaller one for the iridescent buttons,  and a larger one for the leopard buttons.  For the buttons, I drilled a hole just large enough diameter so the metal eyelet can fit into it. For the beads, I didn’t drill a hole, just dug out enough of a concave curve so the buttons would fit flush with the plugs.



3. Before you go any further, test out your plugs to make sure they fit with the buttons/beads.  If your happy with the fit, use some E6000 to glue them together.  Don’t press too hard or all the glue will come out the sides. Let them sit for a day.
IMG_3573 IMG_3575






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