Cryoflesh give-away

August 15, 2015 at 5:14 pm

Was cleaning out the apartment and found this set from Cryoflesh that I meant to post AGES ago.  Just in time for Burning Man!  But, since I’m not attending myself this year, I’d like to give away the tshirt and toque.  You don’t have to be going to Burning Man, just post below in the comments your name, email, and if you’d like the tshirt, beanie, or both!  Post by midnight Sunday August 23rd (pacific time).  I’ll draw a name for each on August 19th and send it out right away.

Up for grabs:

LADIES medium LED Cryoflesh tshirt – LED is sound activated, and changes pattern (see pics below).  Requires 4 AAA batteries.  The battery pack can sit in a pouch inside the shirt or can be clipped to belt/pants

UNISEX Cryoflesh beanie/toque – no batteries required 😉

Only requirements are that the winner has to post a pic of themselves wearing it!

IMG_0946 IMG_0975 IMG_0967 IMG_0965IMG_1104


  1. I would rock that beanie yo.

  2. As a member of DA (Darktards Anonymous) I applaud your effort to help! There are some of us on the playa who just can’t manage to snap a glowstick before gallivanting out to the Esplanade. Clothing makes so much sense!
    Both garments will make me happy. I promise to post my picture wearing these!

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