Rewind: SWEAR Heaven

June 12, 2013 at 7:21 pm

So, funny story.  Turns out I actually have a pair of these.  Got them special delivery at Burning Man from my ex, who brought them from Toronto because I asked another friend of mine to buy them for me off this chick from Craigslist and them send them via ex-courier.  I had originally thought they were Airs base on the Craigslist photo.  The Heavens came with another pair of weird platform sandal Swears.

My ex was like “yeah I thought you said there were two pairs of shoes” (pointing to the 5lbs of rubbery goodness in a big duffle bag)

Me: “…”

Ex: “oh right.  I should’ve known.”

And that’s how I got my Heavens. [not picture yet sorry]

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