Fast Forward: Christopher Kane

June 19, 2013 at 10:05 pm

Playin ketchup!

Ok so not new to fashionistas, but possibly to my baby ravers and space cadets, Christopher Kane has put some kooky next generation shit out on the runway.  I believe, he predates Black Milk in the gratuitous use of galaxy prints. Unlike the nylon spandex variety, the print isn’t doing all the work in his clothing.  He was the guy that made clothing with colourful liquid gels sealed in plastic.  The liquid dresses i feel on aesthetic level leave something to be desired, however the potential utility of being able to store liquids in a dress is very appealing.  A potential upgrade to a camelpak perhaps?  There’s also a few from some of his other collections which I rather fancy.  Dude must’ve been a party kid.

The galaxy hoodie I want to be buried in.


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