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March 7, 2013 at 11:16 pm



Welcome to technosnobbery.com

Only took a week longer than I thought.  Special thanks to the masked man at Expansive Vision for helping me get setup.  Be nice to him because I still need his help!!


Site is together content-wise.  Still some tweeks to sedate (I know there are issues with the navigation menu, bear with me).  Let me know if something is acting funky.  There are some gaps in the image galleries and not why.  Anyway, we mostly work.

Also updated some galleries with new shtuff:


SWEAR Amazons

SWEAR Armadillo


SWEAR Street Mix

SNUG Industries

Techno Snob 101 has a few new things in there I think

Nike editorial

Thirst Quenching editorial


Give me a few more days to upload a few hundred of the pics to tumblr.  Then we’ll get back to our regular schedule.

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