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March 25, 2013 at 6:37 pm

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In action: 1996 – 2005???

Designers: Jen Lindup, Scott Ciniello, Romana Knezevic

HQ: Toronto

Related companies: Ghetto Blaster, OK47, Geek Boutique Records


Geek Boutique was and still is hands down my favourite clothing company.  Being an amazonian at 5’1.5″, finding pants that fit, were flattering, and comfortable was a challenge (not to mention trying to fit my boobs).  GB was so uniquely consistent in the fit of their clothing, I could by anything and know it would fit perfectly.  I was particularly enamoured with the unique twill-lycra blend they used for their pants and overalls.  It was stiff enough to support your goods, stretchy enough to keep a lady comfortable, and withstood countless hours of dancing.  I have yet to find an appropriate substitute.  Also, I don’t think anything has gotten me laid more than my jumpsuits and algorithms.

Geek Boutique ad

Wish I had more concrete info on the business, but I’ve scrounged what I could from the Wayback Machine and my super-googling skills.  From what I remember Ghetto Blaster predated Geek Boutique, but Ghetto Blaster has all but disappeared.  I think they were tshirt/hoodie focussed and did both mens and womens?  Not remotely confident about that though.  Geek Boutique definitely excelled with the ladies wear, but also put out some mens garments (any feedback on these?).  I also vaguely remember Scott was involved with OK47.  And that’s all I got folks!  Enjoy the pics.

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  1. Nathalie Martinek says:

    I echo everything you described re: Geek Boutique clothing. I live in Melbourne now and made sure to bring all of my GB clothing with me. To this day I still get compliments on the jumpsuits and dresses when I break them out. I have yet to find an adequate substitute for their perfect fit and quality. Sigh. Thanks for sharing this bit of nostalgia.

  2. Del Tronik says:

    Oh wow, you have posted some of the items I sold on Ebay! I still have quite a few GB items that are pictured here. Love this label still and wish it was around.

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