Rave Culture: TERRY FARLEY – “When did the dancing stop?”

March 19, 2013 at 8:07 pm

Excellent point.  I honestly don’t understand why a DJ is SO COMPELLING TO WATCH.  Other than turntablists those with massive light shows, their performance is based entirely on the sounds the select and arrange (and sometimes compose).  They don’t spend hours creating costumes or perfecting dance movements (some may work on their bass face in the mirror) or choreographing a mixing routine.  You can’t even see what they’re doing on the mixer/decks/controller/cdjs/whatever!!!  (This or this would be AWESOME).  All you see is (usually a dude) behind some audio equipment (most of the crowd wouldn’t know what each piece of equipment did).  I understand why people worship DJs – I’ve had some seriously transcendental nights – but why on earth would I want to watch the DJ all night instead of the  sick ass dancers at the back of the room, checking out people’s outfits, gettin’ down with my friends, or making out in the side room?  DJ totally enables all of it but don’t make the show all about your bass face or fist pumping.

TERRY FARLEY – “When did the dancing stop?” « “BANG THE PARTY!”.


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