Rewind: Junglist 101

February 20, 2013 at 8:01 pm

Patience my little grasshoppas, these posts take a while.

After taking a pole of my jungle buddies, I’ve come up with a list of characteristic clothing items worn by old school junglists. While techno snobs look serious, junglists look tuff. As always post a comment with any additional suggestions.  Always looking for more/better pics.  Thanks to Toronto Jungle for keeping their shit online and in a relatively accessible format.

1. Cargo pants/capris/skirts (eg. UFOs)

2. Crack hats

Military brimmed hats from army surplus stores, come in a variety of colours.  Allegedly the colour used to determine what type of drugs you were selling, but that’s probably an urban legend.  Baseball hats and kangols are acceptable alternatives.  All were worn low over the eyes so no one could see how high you were, or cocked off to the side slightly.

3. Tshirts/tanks often with logos, can be fitted or baggy, (eg. athletic logos, label tees, Ecko, SNUG, Drumz, Mecca, FUBU, Stussy).

4. Sweat towels/sweat bands

5. Bandanas: EVERYWHERE – tied around wrists, ankles, head.  Ladies liked to wear em with the knot above the forehead like Rosie the Riveter.  Also an acceptable substitute for a sweat towel.

6.  Lightas – you know, for waving above your head.

7. Puffy jackets/vests

8. Hoodies/zip ups – because a puffy jacket ain’t that tuff

9. Camo/military anything

10.  Fat wooden beads/chain necklaces

11. Athletic shoes – Adidas, trainers, skate shoes, DC, Vans

Buy UFO Clothing at

Here’s some of the choicier pics I pulled from Toronto Jungle.  Haven’t gotten through all of it yet, will add more later.






  1. isnt being a junglist more about the love of jungle music and not the clothes you wear??

    • thetechnosnob says:

      Oh totally. But this is a style blog and as far as I know rave clothing history is not documented anywhere else so I’m trying to document it before it’s lost. This blog is a work in progress so I am always looking for updates and contributions for these posts.

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