Radical Self Reliance: Wearing a Square (Tomoko Nakamichi’s Pattern Magic 2)

February 15, 2013 at 2:22 pm

saxarocks flickr wearing a square front

Inspired by Lisa Shahno’s work earlier this week, I remembered that there are some batty geometrically flavoured patterns in the Pattern Magic series by Tomoko Nakamichi.  The Wearing a Square pattern is one of the more wearable items in the books as well as one of the simplest.  It can be made from a variety of fabrics including stiffer material making it look more like a business jacket, drapey jersey, and atypical metallic blends.

The Pattern Magic books don’t give you step by step instructions for construction of the garments, or anything more than a basic pattern block.  The books do walk you through how to alter a basic sloper/block/pattern to turn them into geometric illusions that fit your body.  Not recommended for the beginner DIYer.  Haven’t made any of the pieces myself, so I defer to a few other bloggers who have (images link to their blog posts):

pattern magic 2 wearin square handmade by carolyn petit main sauvage bit of pattern magic wearing a square Pattern Magic- Wearing a Square by urbandon 1

More pictures and inspiration on the Pattern Magic Flickr Group.


  1. Hi! Thanks for re-blogging my version.
    Wearing a Square was my first Pattern Magic project, for the very reason you mention: it’s one of the easiest and most wearable designs in the book.
    Did you get on with making your own yet?

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