Radical Self Reliance: Chunky knitwear

February 5, 2013 at 10:26 pm

Yeah so there’s no way I can knit the stuff I posted yesterday.  However the big chunkiness reminded me of one of my favourite designers of knitting patterns, Wenlan Chia.  Perfect for a winter rave on top of a ski hill.  I’ve made a couple of her pieces and they turned out well.  Eventually I’ll actually get my act together and photograph all my stuff.  I’m just camera shy.  I wish I could afford her jewel-tone yarn, but it’s PRICEY.  Check Ravelry for some substitution options.

Last two cowls are by Randy Lee and Kayla Dyches and are on my list of shit to knit.

Click on the images, should link to pattern info on Ravelry.

Groovy Sweater Dress knitting pattern by wenlan chia
bobbled tunic knitting pattern by wenlan chia

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