Fast Forward: Lisa Shahno – Squaring the Square 2009

February 12, 2013 at 9:11 pm

Lisa Shahno pink leather geometric dress

I have no idea how I came upon Russian designer Lisa Shahno, but I’m twitter-pated.  Like with Wipprecht she is able to create futuristic clothing that is aesthetically successful (ie. it looks good), interesting, unique, while maintaining a conceptually complicated theme throughout her collections.  These work as art installations, or you could see them on the streets of Harajuku, on Bjork or Florence Welch (maybe Ginnifer Goodwin if she’s feeling frisky), or at a more theatrical techno festival (more EDC than DEMF).  The Squaring the Square collection was her first; i’ll get around to the other two later.  For some designers I just can’t put everything into one post!  At least I have enough material for the next few years.  [ed. note: I’m not sure what collection the above pink dress is from.  Rad nonetheless.  Gallery below is all from 2009.]

From her website:

“The collection is named after the geometric problem of tiling an integral square using only other integral squares. This division principle underlies the design of all six models – each of them is based on tetragons of various proportions, ranging from rectangles to squares. Quadrilateral pieces of material are sewn together and bonded in various orders (there are only two models where several curved lines are present).

Materials used are: woolen cloth, artificial leather, fake fur, jacquard metallized-fibre fabric and rayon lining. The scanning of shoes pattern also represents a rectangle overturned in a certain order and fixed in accordance with the foot shape. Material: PVC.”

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