Closer to the Edit: Ashley Madekwe

February 21, 2013 at 7:15 pm

Been wanting to do this since LovEvolution 2011 in Oakland.

Alright, Ashley Madekwe (on some tv show or something) shows up at an underground party in an abandoned loft in NYC.  Stacey Pullen is rumored to be headlining.  Unfortunately, Ashley gets turned away at the door due to dress code violation.  Let’s see what Ashley could’ve done that would’ve gotten her a solid 6 hours of dance-time and likely free treats.

First off, I’d probably add some bright coloured piping (yellow, green, or pink maybe) along some of the seam lines, or even around the neckline and hem.  Replace the straps with same piping (or even better LED wire).

Then, we’re gonna take Ashley to a reputable piercer, get her ears scalpelled to about 1″.  If she hasn’t fainted already we’ll give her a stiff shot of Jager, give her some bangs, shave a bit off the side, and paint some fat cat eyes on and VOILA!  We’ll let her keep that shade of lipstick as a token of our good will.

stretched ears

And for the bottom half, I think we’ll keep her pants-less, but with vintage Fornarina orange platform boots and cyber spats from Robotic Kitty.

fornarina vintage boot 90s

Robotic Kitty cyber spats

And for accessories, basic plugs are fine, we don’t need a necklace with that neckline, but I suggest adding a UV reactive cuff such as below (also see cuff tutorial we featured earlier).  NO CANDY EVER.  An orange arm band cuff would suffice as well, such as one from poutfits.  We’ll give her one major fashion brand with Balenciaga’s black puffy clutch because Miss Prissy insisted.  Not in black though, some other shade (anything, white, taupe, grey, charcoal) with the strap adjustable so she can wear it over one shoulder.

plastic uv perspex cuff

poutfits etsy orange stash pocket cuff

balenciaga clutch bag black puffy

Much better.

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  1. Great photography, I love her look

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