Rewind: Techno Snob 101

January 30, 2013 at 6:34 pm

First in a series trying to clarify and describe different raver clothing styles.  Also wanted to clear up where this blog is coming from :)  This is more or less how I attempted to dress as a young (er) raver.  By and large I NEVER see this style out on the dance floors anymore.  You may have noticed but many of my other posts are inspired by this style.  It is possible to find stuff nowadays that would fit this brief, just rarely intentionally, or as part of a brand-specific look.  Shorts never went above the knee, boobs fully covered, sometimes even loose tshirts and jeans.  My dad has no idea how lucky he was that I grew up when raver chicks wore complete, full-length articles of clothing.

“Techno snob” style includes and is inspired by SNUG, Geek Boutique, Lithium, Kitchen Orange, FDCO (all started production around 1995 or thereabouts).  Originating from Ontario and Quebec, spread into the east coast US rave scene (not sure how much farther than that).  I would say the style peaked in popularity by 2000, not really seen after 2005.  Typically seen on people who think they have better taste in techno than you do.  I haven’t heard any other name to describe this rather specific look, let me know if you called it something different :)  I still need to pull a bunch of pics off the net, this is just what I had on my hard drive.  Sorry for the crappy quality and incompleteness.  I’m pulling stuff out of my ass.

Key parts of the aesthetic are as follows:

1. Asymmetry









2. Structure/architecture/unexpected style lines








3. Minimalism








4. Convertibility/functionality








Typical elements include:

1. Wide-leg pants (not as big as phat pants), usually fitted around the hips








2. Capri-length shorts








3. Platform sneakers (See also SWEAR)








4. A-line skirts/dresses or tunics worn over wide leg pants








5. Athletic details








6. Unusual necklines including hoods and cowls








7. Asian-inspired details








8. Unconventional pockets








9. Mock-neck or hooded zip ups/jackets








10. Jumpsuits








11. Full length/maxi skirts/dresses


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  1. barelittskeptisk says:

    Ahhh I collect clothes like these <3 can't believe most of my friends just threw all theirs away D:

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