Rewind: SWEAR Kiss boots

January 16, 2013 at 2:01 am

Woohoo!  Thanks to SWEAR maven Gerrixx for uploading scans of a 2001 SWEAR Alternative catalogue.  It’s helped sort out my mass of pictures.  I have a lot of updating to do.  Slowly adding profiles to the Archive page which will have company profiles and every picture I can get my hand on, hopefully organized by style.

There is also a SWEAR facebook group if you are interested.

The SWEAR Kiss platforms are legendary.  Less ravey, worn more in the goth/industrial scene so far as I can tell.  Bata Shoe Museum should really start working on a SWEAR collection, starting with these.

See also my SWEAR Alternative company profile


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  1. Is there anyway that I can get these boots….??? (Obsessed….)

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