Rewind: SWEAR Jetty

January 11, 2013 at 5:56 am

I suspect that SWEAR Jettys may be the originators of the whole “fluffy” trend (ie faux fur leggings/boots/bootcovers).  While Elsa Schiaparelli predated them by about 60 years with her monkey fur boots.  But I doubt those ever made it to a rave.  I’d like to know when the Jettys were first produced and if anything similar was made before.

See also my SWEAR Alternative company profile

[Ed.] Alexander Wang has a contemporary version.

alexander wang fur boot

[Ed.] Just found these Gallia boots on Etsy!!!  May have made it to a few discos. Or ski parties.  Seller has some other similar boots as well.  Wish I had the $$

GALLIA vintage 70s Fur Tall Boots 1


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