Rewind: SWEAR Airs

January 25, 2013 at 3:52 am

Hooray for making shit up as you go along.  Just making days up will-nilly.

Alright, the need for a custom blog design is becoming more apparent.  Bare with me for a bit longer.  Meanwhile, the onslaught of SWEARS continues.  Yes, I think I pretty much have every pic of SWEARS currently on the internet, as well as many gleaned from years of ebay and a few too many hours on the Internet Wayback Machine.  It may not look like it from the Vintage Archive, but SWEARs are actually endangered species.  Need to catalogue this shit while we can.  Poor SWEARs are dying off every day :(

There’s some unidentified SWEARs at the bottom, and under Air 32.  Please comment if you know what model # they are.


Air 02

Air 03

Air 04

SWEAR Air 04

Air 06 – these look suspiciously like Air 21s.  However they were found on reputable sources (ie. an archive of a SWEAR website or Mudshark)

Air 10

SWEAR Air 10

Air 11

Air 12

Air 13

SWEAR Air 13

Air 16

Air 18

Air 19

Air 20

Air 21

Air 22

SWEAR Air 22

Air 23

Air 25

Air 26

Air 28

Air 29

Air 31

SWEAR Air 31

Air 32

Air 33

SWEAR Air 33

Air 35

Air 38

Added to my list of “things I would prefer instead of a diamond ring for a proposal”


Air 42

Air unidentified (asymmetrical lace up)

Air unidentified (double hook)

Air unidentified (boots with velcro)


  1. Susan Chandler says:

    Your blog is awesome, I’ve just spent ages drooling over all the swears. I have a rainbow pair of Air 16’s that you don’t have a photo of (I’ve never seen another pair like them)- I can get a pic for you if you like?

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