January 2, 2013 at 8:49 pm

Actually did pretty well last year!  I made a lot of friends, was actually somewhat social, spent a lot of time with my aging puppy, took some poledancing classes (would’ve continued if I had the funds), started DJing and released a couple sets, did some dancing with a flaming pot on my head, I didn’t write a book but I did start this blog which is even better :)

This year’s totally attainable-if-I-actually-try resolutions:

1. DJ at Burning Man.  I have zero goals with djing or music production other than to enjoy it.  Careers aren’t made at Burning Man, but fun is :)

2. Produce techno and/or breaks, house, drum and bass.

3. 30 days of yoga

4. p90x

5. Insanity program (oh god not all at the same time)

6. Achieve and maintain target weight of 120lbs (i’m big boned!  and muscular!)

(Sofiah from Bamboo Yoga Play)

7.  Volunteer with Rocket Dog Rescue and/or NorCal Boxer Rescue

8.  Finally get that job i’ve been working on for 4+ months

Once #8 is achieved, then the following:

8. Decks (v7, CDJs and/or 1200s)

9. Proper headphones

10. Sleeves and finish my chest piece

11. Pole dance classes

12. Get back to yoga, hip hop, bellydancing

13. Pay off credit card

14.  Oh yeah, date.

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