Radical Self-Reliance: Rick Owens Cowl Vest

January 16, 2013 at 9:44 pm

Today’s DIY courtesy of P.S. I made this.  I’ve gotten a lot of project ideas from them over the years.  Def great for beginner DIYers.

This vest was inspired by a Rick Owens vest (I assume the one on the model in the picture).  Gareth Pugh used to work for Rick Owens and Owens later became his mentor/sponsor.  You can see similar structures in GPs Spring/Summer 2012 collection.  You can Please visit the blog for the full text of this DIY.  I haven’t tried this myself but i’m not entirely confident the fabric glue would cut it.  Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, I think this would be worth hand sewing.  I would suggest the following modifications:

1. Use thicker stiffer fabric.  Felt, suede, neoprene, wool, tweed.   This will help the collar keep its form.

2. Test the glue first to make sure it isn’t visible on the opposite side of the fabric.  If it is visible, you could use fusible interfacing to secure the fold (with some ironing).

3.  Make the collar as a separate piece.  Use this tutorial on cowl necks as a reference.  Measure the top of the body of the vest (narrowest part) to get the length of the collar.  Cut a piece with a height twice what you want the final collar to be.  You can iron on fusible interfacing to increase stiffness of the collar. Fold lengthwise (right sides together) and sew short ends. Turn inside out.  With right side facing you, sew collar to top of vest (with the long open side matched to the top of the vest body).  Top-stitch so collar lays flat.

There is another variation of this vest here.

I don’t think I have anything lying around to make this right now.  Will have to nab some remnants from the fabric store.

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