Radical Self Reliance: Ilaniowear Patterns

January 9, 2013 at 4:50 am

Confession: I used to hate fun fur.  Haaaaaaaaaate it.  Sometime at BM 2008 I put on someones fur coat and ate my words HARD.  Yes, it’s gawdy, but it feel so fucking awesome after a night of partying.  And doubles as a blanket.  Fashion, good taste, age-appropriateness, and personal grooming standards are not and should not be socially expected at Burning Man (NOT the case at your local EDM massive). Or at least they operate on a totally different plane of existence on playa.  Anyway, burner attire is location appropriate hedonistic bundles of fun that no, wouldn’t be good taste anywhere else but who gives a fuck at BM eh?

Not sure if Ilaniowear started the whole fun fur coat at Burning Man thing, but they definitely popularized it as well as a “playa bunny” aesthetic.  I haven’t examined any of the garments in person but they look the shit on the website.  They were SO SO generous to publish their patterns and make them available for personal use now that the company has stopped production.  Thank you thank you thank you.  I’m def planning on a jumpsuit and new fur coat.  If you know them, please give them my gratitude for their gift.

Please share if you’ve made anything using these patterns!

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