Fast Forward: Nike

January 5, 2013 at 4:19 am

Athletic wear used to be pretty de rigeur in the party scene for chicks.  Have to say it was pretty great to go to parties where dressing like a tomboy was considered dead sexy.  And clothes designed for workouts does help with sustaining 5+ hours of dancing.  If I had oodles of money I would have a pair of adidas shell toes and matching track jacket in every colour possible.  Never really was into Nike, but these shots of US Olympic athletes are kickass.   Totally rave worthy dance gear.

Thanks to Fashion Tribes for the original post.

Creative: ceft and company
Photography: Santiago and Mauricio Sierra
Creative Director: Ucef Hanjani
Stylist: Tom Van Dorpe of V Magazine
Models: Olympic medalists Allyson Felix, Alex Morgan, Paola Espinosa + model/athlete Kira Dikhtyar


Nike-Women-Spring-Summer-2013-Look-Book-10 Nike-Women-Spring-Summer-2013-Look-Book-11Nike-Women-Spring-Summer-2013-Look-Book-12 Nike-Women-Spring-Summer-2013-Look-Book-13 Nike-Women-Spring-Summer-2013-Look-Book-14 Nike-Women-Spring-Summer-2013-Look-Book-15Nike-Women-Spring-Summer-2013-Look-Book-16Nike-Women-Spring-Summer-2013-Look-Book-17-1




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