Rewind: SWEAR Alternative

December 12, 2012 at 1:08 am



Established: 1995/6

Ceased production: 2001

Location:  HQ London?  Other stores in Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Madrid, Melbourne?  According to Solestruck the shoes were originally produced in Portugal.

Founders: Jose Neves and Jorge Sampaio

The first SWEAR store was opened in 1996 (Covent Garden) by Neves (founder of the SIX showroom, who manages licenses for bStore, Opening Ceremony, and Ksubi) and Jorge Sampaio (brand manager).  At that time the London fashion scene was heavily influenced by the Ministry of Sound rave scene and Japanese Manga cartoons.

SWEAR was split into two companies – SWEAR London and SWEAR Alternative in 2000.  The Alternative label produced the more outrageous designs while London was more conventional.  In 2001 Alternative ceased production while London was relaunched and continued production.

SWEAR Alternative Styles



Here’s some pics of SWEAR stores.  Anyone have any idea where else they had locations?

Since I can’t figure out where else to put them,  here’s some collection pics :)


Google Archive.

Screen caps from Vixens and Angels

Collection pics from SWEAR Facebook group


  1. I think the picture on the right in the 3rd row down is at the intersection of Greville St and St Edmonds Rd, Prahran (Melbourne, Australia). This is google streetview of what it looks like now…

  2. Raich Hype Tingz says:

    You will be pleased to know that SWEAR alternative have started selling on eBay again and they have made claims that they are back. When asked about new designs and such they said that they are so overwhelmed by the positive responses and well wishes they’ve received that they may open physical stores once more!!! 😀

  3. couldn’t find mine in your photo collection

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