Merry Xmas Ravers

December 25, 2012 at 10:32 pm

Well Merry Holidays everyone.  I def wish it could be a bit more ravery around here but I’m the apple that fell far from the tree.  I did however, manage to snag these right after getting off my flight.  Next to immaculate even after 10+ years. I love being behind/ahead of the fashion curve, so cost-effective.


Christmas isn’t really my ball of wax, after working retail for 5+ years.  Love my family and everything but tradition and ceremony is not exactly enjoyable for me.  Nor is the waking up before noon.  After 31 years everyone is finally figuring out that it’s just better for everyone concerned to let Rosie sleep in.

And yes, I count Christmas and presents as no reason.   Shit’ll still be there at noon, it’s my fucking holiday.  No puppies allowed, never have a partner with me, friends are all with their fams.  So yeah, feel strange.  At least I don’t have to go to church anymore, I emphatically kaiboshed that in high school, insisting I stay home by myself on Christmas Eve.  The Light Festival in Ghent however, I’d make an exception :)  My idea of a Christmas would be getting drunk, walking around some crazy LED installation, and playing techno.  Less enforced sit downs doing ceremonial card openings and more just hanging out.  At least there’s been more booze around recently, now just need to work on adding some special brownies to the Christmas brunch menu :)

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