Fast Forward: Noomi Rapace

December 8, 2012 at 1:57 am

Hopefully this will be a weekly feature.  Nothing I love more than spacey shit.  Except well….you know.  This column will feature sci-fi movie costumes, style icons, fashion spreads, ads, any assortment of images more over the top futuristic than you would typically see at a party.

This is a few months old but perfection: my dark-haired doppelganger Noomi Rapace (from that Swedish tattoo movie) and 3 of my favourite contemporary designers Iris van Herpen, Gareth Pugh, and Rick Owens.  More on them coming later, but first, disco nap, then techno.

Runway shots

Theysken’s Theory Spring 2012 Collection

Rick Owens Spring 2012 Collection [Pants by Maison Martin Margiela]
Iris Van Herpen Spring 2012 Couture Collection
Gareth Pugh Spring 2012 Collection
[Reblogged from: Tom and Lorenzo, Photo Credit: Sølve Sundsbø for]

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