Rosie the Raver’s bucket list

November 30, 2012 at 11:14 pm

Alright.  So the post on SWEAR Alternative is gonna be epic.  It’s taking some time to pull everything together.  I think I’ll have to do an individual post on each model.  Currently I have HUNDREDS of pics that I’m trying to organize, I still have a few more resources I need to datamine, plus I need to try and track down the original designers, if at all possible.  I also have to work on a post on the upcoming Kikwear and Kikgirl releases and I haven’t even begun gathering vintage pics of those either.

So in the meantime, in case you were wondering what to get me for xmas, here’s what’s on my raver clothing bucket list and that I have yet to be able to find (ie. shit is RARE).

1. Any guy who wants to propose to me should present me with these instead of a ring.  And yes, I will wear them at the wedding. I can make size 38-40 work (ideally 39).

2. The Geek Boutique vest that got STOLEN from me at a camp out (on the left in the pic).  Ooooooooooh, let me warn you, do NOT fuck with my raver clothing.  Makes Rosie very angry.
3. Vintage Buffalo platforms (blues, purples)
4. This SNUG dress.  I don’t think its the Archangel model.
5. Kitchen Orange “Spiderman” hoodie.  I’ve only ever seen one of these on ebay.  And I didn’t get it. Pooo.
6.  Kitchen Orange “Cadet” top.  I’ve seen maybe 2 or 3 for sale.  Ever.  I may have to make a version of this but it’s so hard to get decent fabric.
7.  I’ve heard rumours of this Kitchen Orange dress with a giant orbit/space hood thingy.  I don’t have pics, but I want it.  I’m a sucker for anything spacey.
8.  Kitchen Orange “Brunette” dress.  Had one IN MY HANDS at the Clothing Shoe in Toronto 6 years ago and didn’t fucking buy it.  Been looking ever since.  I’m a size small fyi.
9.  Kitchen Orange blue tube dress with lots of white straps.  Need to find a pic….
10. Bodybag armour hoodie.  My sis almost bought one.  She definitely would have eventually “lost” it.
11.  My TPHS longsleeve tunic-length hoodie with the asymmetrical zip that was also probably nabbed at a party (I should really start dressing less-awesome in order to avoid people tiefing my shit).
12. FDCO bathing suit.  Nuff said.  Probably will end up DIYing this one too.
Some stuff is also available still but i’m just a broke-ass-ho:
1.  New Buffalo platforms.  They actually re-released these but are so fucking-goddamn-expensive.  The last two are pretty indistinguishable from the originals.  Pretty much any bright colour rocks my socks.
2. SNUG blades.  Never did get a pair of these…
3. Kitchen Orange “Rhythm” hoodie
4.  Kitchen Orange “Caddy” capri.  My spectacularly muscular abs only fit a medium :)
5. Kitchen Orange “Bardot” top
6. Kitchen Orange “Bombshell” top
7. Kitchen Orange “Bracer” top

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  1. Audrey Alexis Pagulayan says:
  2. Evan Alrik Anderson says:

    beauty. great taste. I had some blades in stretchy denim. those were the illest blades.

  3. Triple Seven says:

    Hey, I have a pair of SNUG blades ( I have 2 pairs) as well as a sweet FDCO top I would sell ya…you said you are a small right?! email me at

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