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October 8, 2012 at 3:39 am

Burning Man 2009 with Drew Drop Opulent Temple

Welcome to my third attempt at blogging!  Obviously the first two went absolutely nowhere.  But really, i’m shocked and appalled I didn’t think of this concept earlier.  Those that have known me for a while, know that I fucking love raver clothes.  Let’s just say I was stylistically challenged before I was introduced to the joys of Geek Boutique and FDCO.  With the crash of the late 90s rave wave, most clothing companies producing garments for party kids went under.


Pre-facebook, pre-smart phone, and pre-affordable digital cameras.  Hell, a lot of really kick-ass clothing was produced, worn, and thrown out even before we got email addresses.  Unfortunately, most back-in-the-day pics don’t show the clothing or the wearer at their best *ahem.* Now I spend *a lot* of time reading fashion blogs, thinking about clothes, and making shit.  A few diehards not-with-standing, most of this clothing hasn’t been seen in over a decade and the “techno snob” style has been pretty much forgotten.  No one to my knowledge has bothered to archive images, ads, candid shots, or histories of these clothing companies and the garments they produced.  Since digital cameras had not reached widespread use and there was no such thing as fashion blogging, these cool-as-shit, functional, unique, avant-garde designs are at risk of being completely forgotten.

intro to techno snobbery

Furthermore, having skipped the last go round of 80s style rehashes (still wearing Swears and Algorithms dammit), I’m predicting that we’ll soon have a resurgence of the 90s in current fashion.  And lets be honest the pastel chiffon, distressted denim shorts, and hipster style of “finding 5 ugliest items at American Apparel and calling it an outfit”  needs to fucking go.

Clearly, both the established fashion industry and the current state of rave wear with the resurgence of EDM, needs our help.  Clothing companies such as SNUG, FDCO, and Lithium have cult followings that have kept their wide to phat legged pants stashed away for just this occasion.  We are needed to help instruct baby ravers in the art of wearing jumpsuits, dresses over wide-leg pants, and asymmetrical haircuts, instead of bras, booty shorts, and tutus.

Let me just say as a disclaimer: yes, I wear bras and booty shorts too.  At Burning Man, and the beach, and that’s it.  Keep in mind that at BM my 31-year old booty is next to topless, bottomless, and generally undressed people of all ages.  I also live in the San Francisco bubble of, well, nakedness and debauchery.  So within the context, I do in fact, still dress conservatively relative to the shirt-cocker next to me.  Whatever the situation, you can still be a hot ass classy motherfucker.  Also, I’m 31 and I’ve fucking earned my booty shorts.

I definitely don’t want to shame any younguns’ into covering up, lord knows I got enough of that when I was younger.  However, young women in their bras and underwear at urban raves that are or appear to be under-age, makes me very queasy.  I know they do not have positive avenues to channel their sexual energies and it comes out as emulating the hyper sexualized women in the media.  I’m primarily disappointed with the lack of vision, creativity, and effort put into their wardrobes.  Even being as poor as I was at 16 (and well, throughout my entire life), I spent $20 at Goodwill and the craft store, made myself actually a pretty killer pair of phat pants and a “Neverlast” t-shirt, braided my hair into “dreads” and looked pretty freaking cool for a broke 16 year old.  Hopefully stuff on this blog will make its way onto the screen of a raver baby that doesn’t want to look like she showed up at the warehouse and just took off her top and pants.

So raver moms and dads, sparkleponies, house-heads, techno-snobs, raver babies, candy kids, furries, burners, party kids, goth kids, or anyone who ever strapped on a pair of phat pants, UFOs, jumpsuits, crack hats, furry pants, or raver beads within the last 30 years……


The past 5 years or so of rave clothing are heavily documented on facebook/online so i’d really like to focus on pre-2005, ideally back to pre-2000. So break out that old box of flyers, sort through and scan me some pics of you, your crew, random-but-well-dressed strangers. I want to know historical trends, regional trends, classic rave clothing companies/designers, and your style icons from your rave days. Current pics are welcome too but I want this to help educate the younger ravers about our glorious fashion past in the hopes they take inspiration and elevate it further.
Send it to my email info (at) technosnobbery (dot) com
Please include as much information about the clothing/style as possible. Spread the word please!!
NEXT POST:  SNUG Industries!!  PLEEEEEAASE send me any pics you have SNUG gear, candid old school shots, promo shots, or just pics of what you have left in your closet!

PLUR and Ten Principles and all that jazz.

– Rosie the Raver


  1. I’ve got a ton of Snug, where should I email photos to?

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